Interior Designer, Sara Mossman

Sara Mossman Designs
Sara joins Saunders Designs with a passion for connecting people with their environments. Drawing upon a background in landscape horticulture, ecological design and classical feng shui, she offers solutions for generating balanced, beautiful and regenerative lifestyle, from edible “superfood” gardens, to healthy, harmonious interiors.

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Comments and images for inspiration from the designer:

Starting with the directive to bring in bold colors and a feeling of springtime, I found inspiration in some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes I saw while leafing through Organic Gardening magazine. A fitting image to start with, since much of my work is in edible garden consulting. From there, I chose Green Frog furniture's brilliant colors (Aruba and Lemon, yum) to establish a base palette. As we were sitting down for lunch after a morning at the nursery,  we picked up a flyer for a meditation class, and there were our colors - a perfect match and some spiritual validation! Turquoise and yellow will be accented with warm tones as well as chartreuse of japanese maples. Slate gray and other tones of earth and stone will ground us in reality [since it rocks]. It's going to be a fun show!