Gary and Alex Cartwright, CK Landscapes


Gary and Alex Cartwright, the father and son team of CK Landscapes bring years of estate garden craftsmanship to the construction of the Reality Rocks! garden. 

Gary's artistic skills in landscape and masonry and an intuitive understanding of stone make them especially suited to showcase his talents with our theme of native California rock.  He has decades of estate landscape construction in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Alex's experiences abroad in the harsh climates of Australia and Israel led him to discover and develop what may be the most advanced irrigation technology available in the State.  Completely free of synthetic petro-chemical fertilizers and amendments, Alex's irrigation systems are the extreme sport of the industry.  His systems require less water and produce more vigorous soil and plants than any other system I have encountered.  He injects soil boosting bio-nutrients directly into the drip irrigation system using a fertigation tank.  Naturally healthy soil means healthier plants.  The use of smart irrigation clocks mean that your irrigation is automatically adjusted to your weather every day via satellite, ratcheting water up and down depending upon how hot and how dry it is for your plants.  With the use of drip fertigation, even though it is an extremely low water system, lower than even regular drip systems, Gary and Alex have seen plants grow as much as 5 times faster within one season.  This means that your garden can look fantastic the very first year!  Everyone will wonder how your landscape looks so great so fast. 

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