Garden Plan

California native rocks steal the scene in this "reality show" garden that celebrates the state's renowned innovation and glamour. Guests are placed center-stage amidst Japanese maples and a soaring bamboo grove, where the dramatic setting showcases cutting-edge green technology and stylish outdoor living. The garden pays homage to the versatility of locally quarried native stone, a great way to go green by staying local and using natural materials. The premiere of world-class watering systems and a locally invented LEED-rated building product show that California gardens hold their own on the global green stage. The "reality show" garden demonstrates that, with a little bit of California ingenuity and flair, everyone can enjoy the best that California gardens have to offer.


Plant List

Trees and Bamboo
Acer palmatum 'Ryusen' / Japanese Maple (world's rarest cultivar)
Acer palmatum 'Tobiosho' / Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum dissectum 'Ever Red' / Laceleaf Japanese Maple
Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star' / Star Magnolia
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' / Yellow Crook Stem Bamboo
Phyllostachis nigra / Black Bamboo
Podocarpus elongatus 'Icee Blue' / Yellowwood

Shrubs & Grasses
Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' / Golden Sweet Flag
Carex elegantissima / Golden-edged Sedge
Carex flagellifera / Weeping Brown Sedge
Carex testacea / New Zealand Orange Sedge
Cordyline 'Festival Grass' / Red Fountain Cordyline
Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' / Blue Fescue
Helichrysum petiolare / Licorice plant
Helictotrichon sempervirens / Blue Oat Grass
Heuchera 'Regina' / Coral Bells
Heuchera 'Hercules' / Coral Bells
Libertia peregrinans / Orange Libertia
Phormium 'Maori Maiden' / New Zealand Flax
Phormium 'Platt's Black' / New Zealand Flax
Phormium 'Dark Delight' / New Zealand Flax
Phormium 'Yellow Wave' / New Zealand Flax
Stipa tenuissima (aka Nasella tenuissima) / Mexican Feather Grass

Graywater Stream Planting
Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' / Golden Sweet Flag
Equisetum hyemale / Horsetail
Chondropetalum elephantinum / Large Cape Rush
Chondropetalum tectorum / Cape Rush
Juncus patens 'Elk Blue' / California Gray Rush

Photo Gallery of California Native Rock Materials

(photos coming soon)

List of Rock Materials
Windsor - boulders
Windsor - dry-stacked walls
Bouquet Canyon - ledgestone dry-stacked walls
Sonoma Fieldstone - boulders
Bouquet Canyon - flagstone patio
California Gold 1/4" minus - gravel pathways
Reclaimed San Francisco City Street Granite Curbstones - garden steps
San Pedro River Pebbles - graywater dry stream bed & stone bands beneath bamboo