CK Landscapes is offering a free water audit and landscape assessment to those who schedule their appointment for this at the show (a $150.00 value).  Additionally, for everyone who takes advantage of this special offer, you get another offer on top of that! -- a free fertigation tank for every installation of $10,000.00 and more (a $2,000.00 value). 

So be sure to sign up for this at the show to get CK Landscapes' wonderful water saving expertise for your property! 

What is a fertigation tank, you ask?  This is revolutionary technology that takes drip irrigation to the next level.  Visit our garden to learn more about this water saving, garden boosting technology. 

Whether you have a residential landscape, or if you manage a large corporate or industrial campus, public park or any property large or small, Alex of CK Landscapes can help.  Your water bills can be slashed, and your rebates can be in the thousands of dollars to help you pay for the up front costs of this amazing technology. 

Don't miss out on what could be the best ornamental landscape irrigation technology in the state!  Schedule your appointment at the show! 

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